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Little Sissabagama News

December 2019. As the year winds down, we have seen a lot of snow already. Nearly 3 feet of snow on the ground and the coldest weather in some time has descended upon the northland. Ice was in the 5-6 inch range before the snow accumulated so we'll see how quickly we can get some decent ice for snowmobiling.

January 2020. Too much snow has slowed the creation of ice depth. There is still significant slush on the snowmobile trails near bogs and marshes while the lakes are a mix of rough, frozen slush, packed snow or are windblown with little snow at all. There are even areas of open, running or standing water on many trails. Trail groomers have been limited in the areas they can go without a significant cold snap to freeze up the open areas. Most lakes are good for snowmobiles and ATVs but still dangerous for cars or trucks.

February 2020. Snowmobile trail conditions have improved a little but thin ice, slush and high water still plague some areas. Staying on the marked trails on any lake is highly recommended. Overall lake conditions are good to ski, snowshoe or walk on if you can avoid some of the slushy areas. Snowmobiling on Little Siss is not recommended but it can be done at your own risk. The Birkie is in a couple of weeks! If we can avoid high temps and get a little more snow the Birkie trail should be great.