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Little Sissabagama certainly lives up to its name with many bays. As good stewards of the shorelines and in the interest of being good neighbors, please make sure you and your guests are up to date on WI boating regulations which identify slow/no wake zones (SNW) as any boat within 100 feet of a shoreline, dock or swim platform. In addition, slow/no wake includes passing within 100 feet of another boat anchored in the water. This map shows the areas for SNW speeds in magenta and suggested SNW areas due to docks and swim platforms, as well as being a good neighbor to those who live along the narrow bays.


We have also added the WI state boating laws that further defines slow/no wake laws and more.


Town ordinance sets water sport hours from 10 am to 6 pm but we request those hours be limited to 11 am to 5pm. The Stewardship Guides seen here reflect the property owners desires to make sure we all have fun yet respect the quiet nature of the lake. Feel free to download these as a reminder and for your cabin guests.

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