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The mission of the lake association.​

The owners of the property on the shores of Lake Little Sissabagama have come together to form an association of families and individuals intent on protecting and promoting the lake's environment, tranquility, history and recreational attributes. In order to accomplish these goals the members meet on a regular basis to discuss the stewardship needs in their charge and elect representation from their membership to act on their behalf. 


Kate Fleming, President 

Jean Accola, Vice President

Joe Skwira, Treasurer 

Lois Carolan, Secretary 

By-Laws Committee: Chuck Abrams, Ron Marquis, Tom Schnack

Fish and Wildlife Committee Chair: Del Anderson, Members: Renner Johnston, Don Kissinger 

Frank Stout Island Stewardship Committee: Leslie Kreofsky, Carol Abrams, Jane Johnston

Frank Stout Island Fund Trustees: Dick Fleming, Mike Skwira, Mark Johnson

Past Presidents: Carol Abrams, Tom Schnack, Everett Myers, Ron Marquis, Jeanne Schnack, John Montgomery, Chuck Abrams, Karen Skwira, Jim Kissinger, Cathy Olson, Renner Johnston, Ray Krolak