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The mission of the lake association.​

The property owners of Lake Little Sissabagama have come together to form an association of families and individuals intent on protecting and promoting the lake's environment, tranquility, history and recreational attributes, as well as shoreline habitats. In order to accomplish these goals the members meet on a regular basis to discuss the stewardship needs in their charge and elect representation from their membership to act on their behalf. 


Pete Skwira, President 

Sam Smith, Vice President

Molly Tomczak, Secretary 

Ron Marquis, Treasurer 

By-Laws Committee: Chuck Abrams, Ron Marquis, Tom Schnack

Fish and Wildlife Committee Chair: Del Anderson, Members: Don Kissinger 

Stewardship Committee: Jean Accola, Juliana Parroni, Olivier Chave, Pete Tanghe

Frank Stout Island Fund Trustees: Ron Marquis, Tom Schnack, Pete Skwira, Everett Myers

The next association officer nominations and elections will take place in Fall 2025.

Past Presidents: Carol Abrams, Tom Schnack, Everett Myers, Ron Marquis, Jeanne Schnack, John Montgomery, Chuck Abrams, Karen Skwira, Jim Kissinger, Cathy Olson, Renner Johnston, Ray Krolak, Kate Fleming, Jean Accola

How we got our start.

The association began informally in the mid 1980's with several get togethers on the front lawn of the Skwira Lodge when Mike and Karen Skwira, Jim and Alice Kissinger, Alberta Dunlap, Jane and Renner Johnston, Ellen Frazer, Roy and Kathy Olson and a few others began discussing ways for the lakeshore owners to become better stewards of the lake. The association became a non-profit in the early 1990s after Jim Kissinger and Frank Frazer began looking into ways for the association to acquire and preserve Stout Island, and further the efforts of the association in lake preservation. The early friends, officers and current members of the association through their time, financial resources and experience have made Little Sissabagama one of Wisconsin's finest examples of a north woods lake. 


Our association is made up of many realistic and dedicated environmental stewards. The management of the lake, lakeshore and species that inhabit the lake are constantly on the minds of those that live here. We believe strongly in the Native American saying “We do not inherit this land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” and we are here to be good stewards of this lake and all it holds. All visitors to Little Sissabagama are encouraged to participate in the protection of the lake for future generations and are asked to take only memories and pictures leaving only footprints.  

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